Joomla Autosave Extension

Joomla has a lot going for it as a content management system, but one common complaint is a lack of built in autosave. Don’t worry, though — it’s easy to enable Joomla autosave functionality with a popular extension. Install Joomla Autosave Set-up Joomla Autosave Some Notes on Configuration Options Using Your Editor with Autosave Other Read More >

The Joomla 4 JCE Extension

The Joomla 4 JCE brings the Joomla Content Editor — one of Joomla’s most popular extensions — into Joomla 4. The JCE expands Joomla’s default content editor to unlock advanced word processing functionality in the editor. Read on to learn how to get it up and running. This process will work great on Joomla VPS Read More >

Joomla 4 Remove Extension

Joomla 4 was recently released. If you’re like us, then you probably spent a lot of time exploring the latest extensions included with Joomla 4, playing around with them to see what’s new and what’s different. The thing is, it’s never a good idea to leave a bunch of extensions installed that you aren’t using! Read More >

Joomla 4 Smart Slider Extension Guide

Putting a slideshow on your website is a great way to let visitors go through a photo gallery while keeping your site layout elegant. Whether you’re an artist, a retailer, or just want to show off your vacation slideshows, sliders are the tool for the job. The popular Smart Slider extension has returned in Joomla Read More >

Creating Backups for MyBB

Different types of site backups serve different situations. While InMotion offers a full Backup Manager, and cPanel has the capability for full account backups, there are times when a more precision backup solution is in order. It’s easy to create backups for MyBB using cPanel’s file management tools. It can be a good idea to Read More >