Setting up a Gravatar

Gravatar is an abbreviation for Globally Recognized Avatar. An avatar is a representation of a person sort of like an icon. So, a Gravatar is Read More >

VirtueMart SEF URLs

VirtueMart search engine friendly urls use to be a popular topic / request for VirtueMart store administrators. If you’re not running VirtueMart 2 (released in Read More >

Joomla 2.5 Editor

Joomla 2.5 has reached its end of life as for 12/31/2014. Please be advised this may be a security risk to your website. You can Read More >

VirtueMart Ajax Search

If you’re looking to add the power of Ajax to your VirtueMart search, there are a few modules available for download. Using one of these Read More >

Advanced VirtueMart Search

Advanced VirtueMart Search is the idea of giving your customers better search results by allowing them to filter the results by manufacturer, price, and other Read More >

VirtueMart Search Plugin

When you install the VirtueMart 2 component for Joomla 2.5, a VirtueMart Search Plugin is installed as well. This VirtueMart search plugin is used by Read More >

Moodle 2.3 Plugin Overview

Moodle 2.3 has the capability of enabling, disabling, installing and uninstalling plugins that are used for the Moodle site to function. Plugins are used in Read More >

How to Change Fonts in Moodle

Occasionally, an administrator may want to change the font used on their website to incorporate their school, college or other educational facilities font for uniformity. Read More >

How to manually install SMF

In this SMF introductory installation tutorial, we will demonstrate how to install the Simple Machine Forums (SMF) program manually. A manual installation means installing the Read More >

Using WordPress Network

What is WordPress MU? WordPress Network (commonly referred to as Multisite), is now referred to as a “network.” Creating a network allows you to create Read More >

Joomla 2.5 – Disable mootools

Mootools is a lightweight javascript framework used in Joomla 2.5. Your Joomla website will by default include both mootools-core.js (92.9 KB) and mootools-more.js (233 KB). Read More >

Joomla 3.1 Messaging Tutorial

Joomla 3.0 includes a component called Messaging. This Messaging extension allows site Administrators and Super Users to send and receive private messages from within the Read More >

Inline Editing in Drupal 8

The information in this article has been transcribed from the Streamline inline editing in Drupal 8 video uploaded by Dries Buytaert about the upcoming changes Read More >

How to install Koken

Koken makes the installation process extremely easy intuitive. In fact, there is only one file that you will need to upload making it very quick Read More >

Koken Essays and Pages

While Koken is more made for artists to display images, it also supports written content very well. In this article, we will outlink the various Read More >

Installing Koken Themes

In this article, we will teach you how to install new 3rd party Koken themes. After completing this tutorial, you will be familiar with installing Read More >

WordPress Through the Ages

Currently responsible for powering more than 35 percent of the internet, WordPress is hands-down the most popular CMS available.  But its rise to the most Read More >

@see – Joomla DocBlock headers

Please note the following: This article is supporting documentation for our tutorial, using DocBlocks in Joomla. There is official documentation that references what headers to Read More >

@var – Joomla DocBlock headers

Please note the following: This article is supporting documentation for our tutorial, using DocBlocks in Joomla. There is official documentation that references what headers to Read More >

WordPress WP_Post objects

When using WordPress functions such as get_post(), the information will be stored within WP_Post objects. In this article, we will show you what is stored Read More >

Removing expired transients

To increase performance, WordPress plugins may use the transients API to store some data in the database. While this does increase performance, some old data Read More >

Joomla 3.1 Blog Template

InMotion Hosting is pleased to announce our first Joomla 3.0 template, available free for download! The template was designed to mimic a standard blog, and Read More >


cPanel App for iOS

Recently, cPanel released the cPanel App for iOS which allows you to maintain your server from anywhere you take your iOS device! This means that Read More >

Drupal 8 release dates

Welcome to our Drupal 8 release dates article. This article will give you news on when specific milestones are scheduled in the development process. Past Read More >

DrupalCon 2013

Hello everyone! This is an informal article for us to tell you how much fun we had at DrupalCon 2013 in Portland, Oregon this past Read More >

NGINX Cache Management

In this article, we will explore the various NGINX cache configuration options, and tips on tweaking your site to get the best performance out of the WordPress Optimized Stack. This guide covers all of the most common parameters you can tune via the Cache Manager Plugin.

WordPress Stack Troubleshooting

You can use the WordPress Optimized platform to achieve excellent performance with a website by utilizing NGINX and PHP-FPM. However, some users may experience the occasional technical issue that can lead to frustration and time-consuming troubleshooting. A lack of familiarity with the underlying components can make this especially troublesome.

In this article, we explore the general troubleshooting procedures you can apply when tackling an issue with your WordPress Optimized hosting, as well as a list of common problems and their solutions. If you get stuck along the way, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team 24/7.

WordPress Scope of Service

Our goal is to provide you – our valued customers with holistic WordPress product, functionality, and design troubleshooting support. If you’re interested in a fast, Read More >

Optimize WordPress Guide: Tuning for VPS & Dedicated Servers

In this article, we walk through the process of tuning your VPS or Dedicated Server for the best performance on our WordPress Optimized or PHP-FPM stack. On our Managed WordPress Hosting platform, the server is managed by our system administrators, and tuned out-of-the-box for optimal performance for most users. However, some users or resellers may need the additional flexibility afforded by the VPS and Dedicated platforms.


jimport is a function that is used to include Joomla library files. How to use Jimport: Find the path to the library file you want Read More >

Drupal 7 Critical Update

Issue: Drupal has released a critical update (Drupal 7.32) for Drupal 7. They are urging everyone to update to this latest vesion. Status: Drupal update Read More >

10 Ways to Secure WordPress

WordPress content management system (CMS) tutorials focusing on security can help you find better ways to secure your website. Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress developer Read More >

Jetpack 3.4 What’s New

Recently, the company behind Jetpack, Automattic, released an update to their popular plugin. There was some important features and changes to it that we’ll discuss Read More >

WP Cerber Security Tools

In this article: Export & Import Settings Diagnostic Info Logs Plugin Update Changelog License for Paid users These tools display info for troubleshooting and options Read More >

Using Video with Jetpack

In this article: Enabling Video Hosting Uploading Video Video File Settings Using different types of media for your WordPress site is a proven necessity if Read More >

Magento Security Alert

Who is affected? – Users of Magento Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. Have these issues been addressed? – The SUPEE-5994 Patch Bundle covers eight different Read More >

Using Jetpack Premium Themes

In this article: Finding and Activating Jetpack Premium Themes Using the Search Options with Jetpack Themes Sample Premium Themes All WordPress sites use a theme Read More >

Email Setup

iOS Email Settings

In this article:  How to View Settings How to Modify Settings What are the Settings? This article describes the iOS email settings available to configure Read More >

WordPress Pain Points

Despite being the most used software for websites on the internet, WordPress does have some common issues that many users deal with. These problems scare Read More >

Choosing the Right CMS

In this article:  What is a CMS? Things to Consider Which CMS is Recommended? This article explains what a CMS is and outlines important things Read More >

cPanel Pricing Changes — FAQ

In order to provide additional information about upcoming cPanel pricing changes, InMotion Hosting has provided a detailed listing of Frequently Asked Questions. Why do I Read More >

Pingbacks and Trackbacks

Each page or post that you create in WordPress allows you to have interaction with your viewers using the Discussion options. For more information on Read More >

Using the Audio Widget

Using an audio file on your website can bring a tasteful element to your presentation if done appropriately. It can also be a distraction from Read More >

How to Use wpDiscuz

By default, WordPress includes the ability for visitors to comment on pages and posts. This basic interaction can be expanded to increase engagements using 3rd Read More >

Changing Email Settings

How to Update Joomla 4

It is recommended to always update Joomla 4 to the latest version. This ensures that your site has the most recent Joomla features and security Read More >

Joomla 4 Privacy Info Requests

Joomla 4 privacy info requests allow administrators and users an organized method to export and remove user personal identifiable information (PII). These Joomla 4 features Read More >

Joomla 4 Log Settings

Joomla 4 logs can be an essential tool when you are troubleshooting website issues. It can provide detailed information about what is happening to your Read More >

Joomla 4 Vote Plugin

The Joomla Vote plugin allows users to rate your content on a scale of one to five stars. This can encourage readers to read more Read More >

Joomla! 4.0 Smart Search

Smart Search is an improved component of Joomla 4.0.  Joomla 3.x included both search and Smart Search, but as of version 4.0, only Smart Search Read More >

Drupal Security.txt File

Have you ever considered creating a Drupal security.txt file? The security.txt file is a standardized format meant to create a uniform approach for security vulnerability Read More >

Gutenberg 12.3 Block Additions

The built-in display editor continues its parallel development with updates in the standalone plugin named Gutenberg.? Currently, at version 12.3, the Gutenberg plugin introduces new Read More >

Joomla 2.5 Templates – $this->

We are continuing to review Joomla 2.5’s Beez2 template code, and we next come accross the following code: <html xmlns=”” xml:lang=”<?php echo $this->language; ?>” lang=”<?php Read More >

Joomla 2.5 Templates – $this->template

In the Joomla 2.5 Beez2 template, we see the following PHP code in the index.php file: $doc->addScript($this->baseurl.’/templates/’.$this->template.’/javascript/md_stylechanger.js’, ‘text/javascript’, true); In this tutorial, we will focus Read More >

Joomla 3.0 and Mootools

The information in this article has been transcribed from the Joomla! User eXperience (JUX) Webinar. This was a webinar upload in early June of 2012, Read More >

Joomla 3.0 and Bootstrap

The information in this article has been transcribed from the Joomla! User eXperience (JUX) Webinar. This was a webinar upload in early June of 2012, Read More >

Joomla 3.1 Error Reporting

In this tutorial: What is Error Reporting? Error Reporting Options Testing Results Change Error Reporting Settings One of Joomla 3.0’s Server Settings is Error Reporting. Read More >

Joomla 3.1 Server TimeZone

Joomla 3.0’s Server Time Zone setting can be found within the Joomla Server Settings section. Joomla gives the following description for this setting: About the Read More >

Add ReCaptcha to PHP-Fusion

Setting up Recaptcha is a simple matter within PHP-Fusion because it is integrated within the interface. The following tutorial will walk you through setting up Read More >

WordPress Vulnerabilities

Recently, new vulnerabilities affecting WordPress have been identified. All customers who use WordPress are advised to upgrade to the latest version (3.5.2) immediately. You can Read More >

How to update Koken

In this article, we will review how to update your Koken installation to the newest version to ensure the stability and security of your site. Read More >

Blocking users in Drupal 8

Unfortunately, disciplinary action can be part of managing site members. Sites will at times attract people who are disruptive or do not follow the rules Read More >

Joomla Menu Re-Ordering

In Joomla, you can change the order that menu’s display in from the Dashboard. In this tutorial we will walk you through this modification. Changing Read More >

K2 Video Tutorials

K2 is a content component for Joomla 3. What is a content component? It’s a component that allows you to write and publish articles. It’s Read More >