WP-CLI – Using the WordPress Command Line Interface

learn wp-cli

WP-CLI or WordPress Command Line Interface, allows you to manage your WordPress website(s) directly from the command line. With this tool, you can efficiently maintain your WordPress website(s) without a web-browser.

For advanced users, WP-CLI can be used to easily install plugins, manage users, configure multisite installations, and much more.

To help you get started with WP-CLI, below we’ve listed comprehensive WP-CLI tutorials created by our knowledgeable WordPress experts.

Continue reading to learn how to use WP-CLI and streamline your WordPress maintenance workflow.

Getting Started with WP-CLI

Learn the basics of WP-CLI. After installing the tool, master installing WordPress, plugins, and themes right from your desktop:

Managing Users with WP-CLI

If you manage multiple WordPress sites that have many users, learning how to manage user roles for each site without a web-browser will shorten your maintenance time:

Managing Content with WP-CLI

Advanced Uses of WP-CLI

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